Planning To Go To A Spa? Why A Medical Spa May Be A Better Choice


If you are planning to go to a spa to rejuvenate your skin, you should consider a medical spa. This spa offers nonsurgical options just like a regular spa but there are many differences. Keep reading to learn more about this so you can decide if a medical spa will be the best choice.  Licensed Physician The main difference between a regular spa and a medical spa is a licensed physician is on staff, which is generally a plastic surgeon.

20 April 2022

What Kinds Of Facial Treatments Can You Get During A Facial?


Facial treatments come in a variety of styles. No matter your skin qualities and characteristics, you will find that each treatment serves its own purpose. During a facial, your provider may offer several different treatment options. So, which facial treatment can you expect during your next spa session? These are some common choices. Chemical Peel   The chemical peel is a tried and true method of reducing signs of aging. Chemical peels are designed to facilitate the evening out of your skin tone, which gives your face a more uniform appearance.

17 February 2022